Torani Syrups and Sauces


Simply Syrups and More have introduced the Torani Brand of Syrups and Sauces to the NEW ZEALAND market and have positioned Torani as the Premium Brand. Torani has been around as the Premium Brand for over 80 years, created by two individuals, and now inspired by millions. Torani was introduced by Rinaldo and Ezilda Torre into the Italian community of San Francisco in 1925 by blending their naturally flavoured syrups and sharing it around their North Beach Neighbourhood.


Torani was the first to introduce the Italian Soda which comprises of Soda Water and Torani Fruit Syrup, and then what was to follow was Coffee History... the flavoured Café Latte.


Today, Torani is a sign of good taste all around the world, and of course this is what Simply Syrups and More have introduced to the Café Industry of New Zealand. Offering over 60 Torani Syrup Flavours available for the New Zealand market. Within this range is the Torani Sugar Free range of Syrups. Torani is the market leader in New Zealand for Sugar Free Syrups and continues to supply to a huge number of customers that are Sugar Free dependant.



Simply Syrups and More offer the Torani range exclusively to the New Zealand Market, our expertise in securing these two world leaders of beverage ranges is testimony to the confidence that these suppliers now have in a representative that is well respected in the Hospitality trade in New Zealand.