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Simply Syrups have brought the Torani brand to New Zealand, a brand which is the number one first choice syrup in North America. Quality syrups are a large and expanding trend worldwide. Torani has been adding flavour and inspiration to beverages for more than 80 years in espresso drinks, Italian sodas, lemonade, smoothies, cocktails and more. Now available in New Zealand, Torani Syrups are available in over 80 delicious regular and Sugar Free flavours.

Along with our Syrups and Sugar Free Syrups, Simply Syrups offer Torani sauces to customers. Torani Sauces are crafted from real, simple ingredients, including sugar, Dutched cocoa and fresh cream. Our sauces provide the richest, truest flavor and blend perfectly in coffee.

Taste life, one flavourful experience at a time.



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